“Utopia- A place that exists only in the imagination and where everything is perfect.”

  • I enjoy being alone, sometimes I go as far as believing I’m just like Madeline Whittier in the novel “Everything, Everything”. The only difference between myself and Madeline is that I don’t have a fatal disease, I just happen to have very strict and overprotective parents.

I’ve always been at home, haven’t traveled outside my province not even neighboring cities. So I’m not used to people as much. I recall this one incident in preschool where I was asked to stand up and say who my best friend was, I stood there for a good hour or two until my teacher gave up and told me to sit down. Entering my teenage years I found the best word I could identify with the most “INTROVERT” and it’s been that way ever since. Around the age of 14, I fell in love with literature. The first book I purchased with my savings was “The Sins Of a Father” by Jeffrey Archer. It took me two years to finish reading it, after that I bought more and more books. Currently I own 300. Novels and coffee are the only things I’d willingly spend my money on and I prefer buying them instead of borrowing from the library that way I get to keep them for the rest of my life and possibly pass them down to the next generation.

Then I got into writing, which has been a roller-coaster because I always have this feeling that maybe my writing skills aren’t good hence I’ve never shared anything I’ve written with a single soul till I decided to blog. This community is just so welcoming, honestly I feel at home here. I’m so thankful for the people who find my work interesting enough to follow me, like and comment on my stuff. I’m truly grateful…It makes me feel like I’m part of something, I belong.


There is a thin line between being an ardent starbucks lover and a suker for a superlative starbucks love story.

I love love, I believe I was made from love, to love and the idea of falling in love in a place full of such aroma and luscious coffee isn’t a bad idea at all.

Unfortunately I haven’t met a guy who takes in the smell of his coffee and graciously sips it with his eyes closed with a good read patiently waiting to be cradled in his strong hands. I’m pretty sure that isn’t much to ask for, right?

So long as the over 30,000 starbucks still exists and I’m still alive there is still hope.



Doing anything in the 21st century is a hassle and I’ve found that it’s better to write your own narrative and in most cases defying the odds. I conjured up¬†a list of 10 possibly interesting things you could do to find love in this century. Also might just start a 21st century series here, depending on the feedback I get¬†after this post. do let me know what you guys think. ENJOY!!!


2. STARBUCKS SHOULD BE YOUR FAVOURITE HANGOUT SPOT, there will always be a riveting person you could ask to help you connect to the WIFI (even if you know how to)

3. ALWAYS BE ON THE LOOKOUT, condition yourself to constantly be on the lookout for great energy and vibe.

4. READ CONTEMPORAY YA¬†ROMANCE NOVELS, if you are failing to find love in the real world I’m sure you couldn’t fail to fall for a fictional character.

5.¬†OBSERVE! OBSERVE! don’t be afraid to look. That may be looking at butts, legs, shoulders, spacing between toes whatever¬†that it is you find interesting in the opposite gender. Personally I look at butts, there is nothing a round tight butt in suit pants can’t fix.

6. WINK AT PEOPLE YOU FIND INTERESTING, being peculiar and unprecedented is the end goal.

7. LADIES!!!!Don’t be afraid to compliment men, if you think he has a nice butt tap his shoulder and tell him, without being¬†immoderately sexual of course.

8. TAKE YOURSELF OUT ON SOLO DATES,¬†preferably places you¬†would take your date. It doesn’t hurt being familiar with the menu.

9. BE PREPARED ON DATES, always have some fun questions you and your date would enjoy. I would advise for you take them out when it gets awkward.

10. TRAVEL, the love of your life might be somewhere in AFRICA, ROME, FRANCE broaden your chances. 


How does the creative process work? How do these great authors, writers, bloggers manage to come up with such stupendous ideas and manage to encapsulate every bit of information and instil it in them till they are able to type it or write it out. Is there some sort of template on how to be a great writer?

These are the type of questions I quite frequently subconsciously ask myself and today I thought I would share it with you guys. I stumbled on a Ted talk of Elizabeth Gilbert the best-selling author of “Eat, Pray, Love”, which happens to be one of my favourite memoirs of all time. Funny enough my ex got it for me and at that time I thought it would mend the impending heartbreak that was to come out of this relationship, I thought it was rather congenial of him to care about my well being after the gut wrenching heartbreak I was yet to experience in just a few months.

I find it hard to decipher how one would believe that a novel just randomly found itself to him or rather a person believing that it’s just a novel and there is nothing much more to it. Okay so, I think that waking up in the morning and deciding to go to a bookstore and just picking up a random book isn’t just that. There has to be a higher power to it all, reading has healed me a great deal and in some instances I wasn’t aware but I would be going through something then I’d decide to read and in that particular book I’d pick up I would find all the healing and answers I’m seeking. That’s why I believe that novels are little angels that save us from our own demise and I shall continue believing so.

In the Ted talk Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the creative process and how fatal being a creative is, always has been and continues to be. We have accepted this notion that creativity and suffering are somehow inherently linked and that artistry will ultimately lead to anguish. She takes us back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome where it was believed that creativity did not come from an earthling but rather a disembodied spirit which was precisely responsible for creative people producing great work and bad work of course but ultimately it was not believed that a mere human being would possess such greatness. If an artist produced great work he couldn’t take all the credit and if it wasn’t great it wasn’t entirely his fault. This was how people in the west thought about creativity, which I find astounding because there were no expectations on the artist and it lessened great pressure. The artist was liberated to think as broad as they could without feeding off any societal pressures or expectations. I personally can’t help to think this way regarding my relationship with novels, I refuse to believe that I just a mere mortal could pick the right book but rather believe that they chose me and the universe culminated to make this possible for me and for us to meet. Even if I can’t fathom how writers are great and how they are able to produce exceptional work, I think the idea of them having this magical divine entity helping them out is badass.


Hey guys, so this is my first blog post and I don’t really know how to feel about it but overall I’m excited and glad that I’m finally writing something and possibly for an audience. Starting a blog is something I have procrastinated to do for a while, which is why I’m midly happy and mostly scared that I’ve started it but anyway I’m rambling. I’m fully aware that you guys aren’t familiar with me well you don’t know me at all and I might just be writing this and there is a 99% chance that no one will read this but I won’t let that put us off, without further explanation let me get to the gist of the topic and the reason behind it. Today marks a huge milestone for me, it’s my last day of high school I will never wear school uniform ever again, I don’t have to tolerate certain people anymore I’ll probably won’t see most of my classmates anymore. In as much as I’m happy, I’m also scared witless of the future. I’m officially unemployed, adulting will be knocking on my door in a few years. I don’t know what to do but I feel pressured to do something, to sort of proof that I have a sense of direction and I have gracefully glided to the next phase of my life. Which really isn’t the case, I spent hours wachting YouTube videos whilst stuffing food down my throat and constantly checking my friends stories on instagram and watching at what a great time they are having celebrating such a milestone in their lives whilst I’m sitting in my room thinking about my next move and also deleting some people number’s on my contact list, those are mostly people whom our relationship was solely based of school and nothing outside that. I’m sacred I’ll lose my friends, I’m not the most social person in planet Earth it was much easier making friends in high school. Now how do I go about introducing myself to the world without feeling awkward and out of place. That’s the beauty of it right “THE UNKNOWN” I have no idea what the future has in store for this ANGEL, I have no idea what my next move is but I’ll keep on moving and mostly rediscovering myself above everything else and doing what I love. Goodnight guys, remember “THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER”