October’s Literature Dose

It’s a new month which means I need a new list of good books to read. In the past, I would overwhelm myself with a ridiculous number of books to read in just one month this time I will be taking it easy. I only have four books, one book a week, should I finish early I shall indulge in other books. I read quite a bit last month, ended September on a high note with “The Handmaid’s Tale” which was exceptional and extremely hard to put down. If you have read any of the books I have mentioned in the list below, please let me know your thoughts without giving away any spoilers. Feel free to share what your reading goal looks like this month!! Happy Reading

  • The Testaments- Margaret Atwood

I’m already 88 pages in and in awe of how much of an eloquent writer this Queen is.

  • Sisters – Danielle Steel

You can never go wrong with a Danielle Steel novel; she never disappoints though I do need to admit her books tend to be a tad bit repetitive sometimes they sure are a good escape.

  • Hard Times –Charles Dickens 

This book has been recommended to me quite a lot so I can’t wait to read it.

  • Sons and Lovers – D.H. Lawrence

I was first introduced to this author by reading “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, it did take me some time to understand a few things in the book but once I did I was on a roller-coaster that only goes up my friend. This book was published in the 90s it’s always so wonderful to get a taste of how things were done back then.

2 thoughts on “October’s Literature Dose

  1. I love reading but I love the experience more that’s why I try to not make it a task / job but just enjoy it as a hobby , I hope you enjoy the experience and u hope the stories stay with you for a while 🤍


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