A Consistent Sally

Greetings, I hope you guys are well. Happy October 🙂

I have been experiencing ridiculous problems with the internet at home so I decided to embark on a little excursion to Starbucks for the Wi-Fi and the amazing expensive coffee. I’ve decided to muse upon bulk publishing. Which makes the most sense to me right now, I’ll be fluttering two hearts with one look because I will have a bunch of posts on the go and manage to combat my laziness.

I’m trying to be a consistent sally on these streets. The goal is to write more, get my old audience back and, hopefully lure new people to my blog . I thoroughly enjoy writing and the entire process that leads up to publishing a new post fulfills me even though it does get very frustrating sometimes but I’m willing to ride with the unpleasantness that comes with it. I will try to not bombard you with my thoughts too much. The content I enjoy creating is one that includes romance and the mundane nitty-gritty’s about my life and experiences. So I will definitely lean more towards writing about that. I would love to hear from you guys what you enjoy reading about the most on my blog so we can all help me reach some sort of consensus. Feel free to comment anything

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