Monday Blues

Hey guys. Happy Monday.

Last night I planned everything to the T from the outfit to all the money I’ll use, EVERYTHING. I set my alarm for 05:00 the next morning, I was going to have the most smooth Monday morning, I planned it.

My alarm rings at 05:00, I wake up switch it off and decide to just nap a bit. I ended up sleeping. When I woke up it was bright outside I check the time and it’s 7:15. I freaked out, jumped out of bed, hopped into the cold shower, left freezing, the outfit I set out didn’t seem warm enough, time to go, I scramble for my bag and head out. My mom serves me a lecture for breakfast. I run to catch the bus. My Monday didn’t go as planned, I’m freezing, I haven’t eaten, I don’t have any lunch, can’t even buy anything because I have no extra money because I wasn’t suppose to forget my lunch.

Anyway. The wind still blows. The bus driver still smiles at me. The old lady still calls me her long lost daughter. I still manage to smile. I’m blessed to have woken up today.

How is your Monday going?

17 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Way to see the positive side of things. It’s actually a skill, and the exact same problem can be seen from two totally different viewpoints. I love your reminder of seeing the good in things. Thanks for this post!

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